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Your Metal Shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 24 hours after receipt of payment and are shipped directly from the Vault with tracking and delivery to any address in Australia.  Internationally we are working on a delivery system that will shift the value of the GOLD to a Bullion Dealer near you and it can be shipped or picked up from there. In the event that it is shipped, it is always shipped with insurance for full replacement value..

Shipping fees are a seperate product so the customer can convert to Solid Metal Bars at their convenience.  We suggest you have a plan on where to store your metal or how you use it BEFORE converting to Barred Metal and taking delivery.

What is Pool Gold or Silver?


When Gold or Silver is purchased from AU4U, it is stored in bulk with everyone else’s Gold and Silver, fully insured until you either want to sell it or have it delivered to a place of your choice. Because many people’s gold is bulk-stored together ie pooled, it is called Pool Gold or Silver.

This is a safe, convenient way to have small amounts of your precious metal stored. You will always own your portion of the precious metal that you have purchased. You will receive a tax invoice and statement for your portion or ‘share’. You can choose to have your precious metal taken out of the Pool and poured into a bullion bar for a small fee.

There is no minimum amount of precious metal required to qualify for your Gold to be pooled. This means you can buy small amounts of gold at a time/ interval and amount of your choice. It will be added into the Pool and stored and insured for you for free. You then have the option to keep adding to your share of the Pool Gold or have your precious metal poured into a bullion bar and delivered to you.

Each ‘share’ you buy is managed, stored and tracked by AU4U.  


This provides:

A cost-effective option to buy and store your precious metal in Australia

Secure storage in our custom-built vaulting facility on your behalf

No shipment costs or risks

Regular reporting showing the current value of your holdings and transaction history

A suitable option for SMSF with regular auditing, reporting, insurance, and compliant off-site storage

100% backed by physical metal

Fully insured for replacement value by Lloyds of London


You also have:

A sell-back option at any time, cash transferred into your nominated account once the price is agreed upon

High liquidity, the fastest way to buy and sell

Easy trading for those who want to buy and sell quickly and regularly


When you want your precious metal poured into a particular bar size, the Barring Fees are:

Precious Metal

Size of Bar



½ oz



1 oz



2 oz



100 g



5 oz



250 g



10 oz



500 g



1000 g



10 oz



500 g



1 kg



100 oz



5 kg



Your barred precious metal can then be collected, or shipped fully insured for a delivery fee.


In summary:

Gold storage fees


Silver storage fees


Full replacement insurance


Minimum purchase requirement


Sell-back option


Barring Fee


Bullion bars

Ownership as part of the larger pool


Tax invoice and statement