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About Us

ESC Trading Pty Ltd T/A AU4U 

AU4U and why we came about

The purpose of the AU4U business was and has always been to enable the members to save in GOLD and Silver enabling them as individuals to survive the coming economic turmoil.

Our services are designed to give the members 

  • Only top quality metals
  • Best customer service
  • Access to secure storage of their assets

Our team

Where did the Team come from?

Our Team has evolved from being involved in a number of "Online" businesses and "Conventional" businesses. Our leaders are well experienced in working out what to do because they have all completed their own investigations. 

The supply of products described on the website comes from secure storage and is structured to ensure that minimal issues arise.


Camilla and her growth in the GOLD business.

"Gold is a 5,000-year-old medium of exchange. As valuable today as it was 5,000 years ago.  Thats why saving in cash is a bad idea. Cash is not even keeping up with inflation. 

One of our Leaders